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OIKKO Foundation is driven by the motto

CMSME For Development

OIKKO unofficially commenced its activities from May 1, 2014, on the auspicious occasion of International Labour Day and then officially started its journey from March 19, 2019. The organization started its foremost actions with the grassroots level research, information collection, and launch of "Bhagyalakshmi - SME Bangladesh", the first-ever CMSME television program of Bangladesh aired on the renowned private satellite TV channel, Channel i. The program is now being broadcast as "Uddokta (Entrepreneur)".

As a non-profit organization, OIKKO has been acting relentlessly to build an identity of prominence for the SME entrepreneurs of Bangladesh. Their traditional and digital training, capacity building, merchandise production, and production efficiency building have been the core work areas of this organization. National and international display and promotion of SME products, the establishment of online marketplaces, increasing online sales, planning and creating 498 Upazila digital SME product experience outlets have been continuous concentrations of OIKKO.


Social Enterprise

National and international display and promotion of SME products, the establishment of online marketplaces, increasing online sales, planning and creating new markets along with publishing and promoting the campaigns have been the continuous concentrations of OIKKO.

Human Resource

OIKKO aims to create a nourished workplace for both female and male SME entrepreneurs and their workforce to ensure their well being both physically and mentally; to increase the employment rate and ensure sustainability for the growth of CMSME industry of Bangladesh.

Capacity Building

Traditional and digital training, merchandise production and production efficiency building have been the core areas of the organization's work scopes.

Sustainable CMSMEs

Working closely with SME entrepreneur culture and development activities, OIKKO aspires to be a partner in the formation of "Shonar Bangla". We participate in the policy-making of the CMSME industry of Bangladesh through providing opinions, feedback, and field-level experiences.


Uddokta Channel i

Uddokta Channel i

In 2014, Oikko Foundation commenced its journey with the stepping stone of initiating a program on SME entrepreneurs on the country's leading satellite telly Channel i, marking the first of its kind show, research and activity on the country's SME industry on television. To date, the show has reached the milestone of broadcasting 300 episodes. The weekly 25-minute long episodes of the show have reintroduced the SME and CMSME sectors to the post-independence Bangladesh. The entrepreneurial program by Oikko Foundation on Channel i is the first and complete CMSME based show in the country to this day. The CMSME sector owes this non-profit organization greatly for its direct contribution in developing the sector making it known far and wide.



After three years of research, Oikko Foundation observed a lack of platform for CMSME entrepreneurs to market, distribute and sell their products. This issue urged the Oikko personnel to strongly commit themselves to solve it. They came to a conclusion that the products of the entrepreneurs will be sold online in his name at his price as direct selling. Hence, the first and only declared online market for CMSME products in the entire Southeast Asia got established taking the CMSME sector of the country to a greater height. The foundation is also working towards establishing showrooms of CMSME products in all the 492 upazilas of the 1,47,570 sqkm country simultaneously under an integrated project.

Oikko Store

Oikko Foundation believes in developing CMSME. And that requires to showcase billions of products of millions of CMSME entrepreneurs. Thus, Oikko Foundation has taken the initiative to establish CMSME outlets, sales and display centers as well as digital experience outlets.

Uddokta Barta

Uddokta Barta

The foundation has launched a 24/7 online news portal Uddokta Barta for the CMSME entrepreneurs. The news portal brings a new wave of online reports, contents, live shows and digital broadcast on the activities of SME entrepreneurs and their progress revealing their new identity and mobility. The entrepreneurs discovered a new world made for them at uddoktabarta.com that includes seminars and fairs - both regional and national even on special occasions. With that, the journey, success and struggles of the CMSME entrepreneurs get published on the news portal every day. All the news on the CMSME sector is available 24/7 to the entrepreneurs at all digital platforms of Uddokta Barta.

Oikko Health

Oikko Health

While participating in intensive research and practical robust activities on CMSME, Oikko Foundation got inspired to see its huge skilled workforce. They are the artisans of a strong economy. Hence, out of care, the foundation has taken initiatives to create awareness among them about their health, both physical and mental. Because better health makes a better workforce. So, the foundation started organizing regular health camps for the workers at the factories jointly with various private and public hospitals. Oikko Health of the foundation started conducting health checkups providing health tips with the advice of experienced doctors. This initiative created health awareness among the workforce of CMSME which in turn made them attentive towards advanced health care.

Oikko Sme Digital Institute

Oikko SME Digital Institute

There are so many young men and women in this country with great potential who are stricken with unemployment. They want to be entrepreneurs. Instead of only looking for jobs going door to door, they can now be SME entrepreneurs by themselves through digital training received online. They can enter the lives of entrepreneurs by following the international standard curriculum. They will be able to produce and create employment for others too from any place in the country. Such a process has been made easier by a special board of Oikko Foundation where world-class training sessions are conducted by country's best and award-winning SME entrepreneurs. This marks the biggest digital project aimed at creating CMSME entrepreneurs in the country.

Oikko Biniyog Boloy

Oikko Biniyog Boloy

To encourage small and big investors to invest in CMSMEs, Oikko Foundation is exploring ways to make the sector investment friendly in all 8 divisions and 64 districts of the country. With the motto - to drive huge investment in small business - the foundation is running large scale operations to portray the CMSME sector as investment friendly at different national and international events and exhibitions even on special occasions through its program Oikko Biniyog Boloy.


Oikko International SME Community Development Organization

The Bangladeshi diaspora are playing a great role in the development of the country. There are many communities of Bangladesh in the abroad but unfortunately there is no CMSME community or its identity. Today, the products of CMSME entrepreneurs of Bangladesh are occupying the world market. To capture this global market, to ensure the presence of products and to ensure the recognition of Bangladesh's CMSME sector to foreign countries Oikko Foundation is organizing various countries and bringing together community leaders from around the world to build outlets for CMSME products of Bangladesh, to arrange international seminars and to ensure show-case. Investing in the SME sector and to showcase the country’s CMSME products, Oikko Foundation is the first organization, with the Bangladeshi diaspora , to launch the flag of Bangladesh's strongest CMSME product in the world market.


OIKKO Visual and Records

Oikko Visual & Records was born to showcase grassroots artists and CMSME entrepreneurs in various cultural activities, poetry, songs, literary practices. This wing is in the place of supporting the success stories of CMSME entrepreneurs, seminars, creating their digital content, giving them digital support, all the technical support for live, creating programs and broadcasting programs. Studio work on theme music, background music, the music of cultural activities, voice over are performed in this wing. It basically supports both sound and visual. Oikko Visual & Records is working to take Oikko Foundation forward by performing CMSME Digital Audio & Visual's entire architecture, technical support and technical research.