Vision Statement

OIKKO Foundation is driven by the motto "CMSME for Development". OIKKO is at the forefront of working out the CMSME initiative of society. Presently, a great enthusiasm can be realized amidst all CMSME entrepreneurs of Bangladesh, among the people and new generation entrepreneurs, regarding the SME industry - behind which lies silent contribution of many CMSME foundations and OIKKO is one of the leading of them.

OIKKO believes that a CMSME Ministry will soon be established in Bangladesh and OIKKO will be a functionally operative body in the advisory committee fo the ministry. Working closely with CMSME entrepreneurs culture and development activities, OIKKO aspires to be a partner in the formation of Shonar Bangla (সোনার বাংলা)

Mission Statement

Presently contributing to the economic development of Bangladesh as a sub-sector, the evolution of the CMSME sector as one of the main driving forces of the economy is the primary mission of this organization. OIKKO recognizes the CMSMEs that were self initiated and have successfully prospered through all steps while managing the risk factors, additionally creating a path for new generation CMSME entrepreneurs. More than 300, 000 CMSME entrepreneurs and workforce among the 9 Million from all over the country have been registered under OIKKO, unified for development.

As a non-profit organization, OIKKO has been acting relentlessly to build an identity of prominence for the CMSME entrepreneurs of Bangladesh. Their traditional and digital training, capacity building, merchandise production, and production efficiency building have been the core work areas of this organization. National and international display and promotion of CMSME products, the establishment of online marketplaces, increasing online sales, planning and creating new markets along with publishing and promoting the campaigns have been continuous concentrations of OIKKO.