Oikko Health Distributes Personal Protective Equipment And Safety Material To CMSME Workers

One of the most important wing of Oikko Foundation is Oikko Health which is operating its activities with the motto of serving healthcare facilities to CMSME workers.

Oikko Health and Wantime’s joint activity “Shurokkha O Shompriti” campaign was organized on 17th and 18th July 2021. These activities were aimed at ensuring the health protection of CMSME entrepreneurs and their employees and distributing Eid gifts during the Corona epidemic.

During the two-day event, the Oikko Health team visited the workplaces of some of the entrepreneurs and monitored the health awareness of their employees and also distributed Eid gifts among them. Masks, hand sanitizers, soaps and thermoscopes were provided as gifts. A certificate and mug were awarded as a reminder of the campaign.

The campaign was attended by Farhana Hasna Tuli, Director, Oikko Health, Rahat Hayat, Director, CMSME Events and Extension Wing, and Gazi Touhidur Rahman, National Award winning Entrepreneur, owner of FM Plastics and Wantime.

The program was started from “Rafi Enterprise”, the workplace of CMSME entrepreneur Mamun Miah in North Mugda. In the entrepreneur’s 4,000-square-foot factory, about 25 workers are working in the factory and some more workers are working from their homes in a total of 60 workers in compliance following athe safety policy.

The entrepreneur has been making jute products for the last 15 years and supplying them to various famous organizations. Oikko Health Team also distributes Eid gifts among the staff and demonstrates how to use masks and other protective materials properly.

Gazi Touhidur Rahman, proprietor of Wantime, told the workers to stay in their positions on Eid as they could endanger the health of other family members.

The next destination was “Trimtex”, the workplace of Shahida Parvin, a national award-winning entrepreneur from Middle Badda, where the entrepreneur’s 2500-square-foot company employs about 35 people in compliance with distance and health policies. Here also safety items and gifts were distributed among the workers and they were made aware about wearing masks, washing hands frequently.

Then the team went to Mahmuda Sultana Emon’s factory “Emon” with 14 workers of 2200 square feet in Merul Badda. Going there, it was seen that the entrepreneur was running the organization with utmost security. Then in Uttara, Diabari, entrepreneur Israt Jahan Chowdhury’s 16 permanent and 15 temporary employees with 1500 square feet disciplined organization – Tulika.

When the team wanted to know about their campaign from the staff of the organizations, they thanked Oikko Health and Wantime for this helpful and timely initiative.

The second day of the program was started from entrepreneur Maksuda Khatun’s 35-person company “Shabab Leather” of 4500 square feet in Hazaribagh, where the entrepreneur is operating the factory maintaining proper distance.

Then Oikko Health Team went to entrepreneur Mostafa Dipu’s 3000 square feet company “Annex Leather”, with 16 permanent and 18 temporary employees, where the entrepreneur is making high quality leather products in compliance with the health rules. Then we went to Kaniz Fatema’s 1800 square feet factory with 10 workers – “Top Leather” and Tahmina Ahmed Banee’s 5500 square feet with 23 workers – “Banee’s Creation”. Lastly Hasina Mukta’s company “Notunatwa Boutique” with 12 worker. At every workstation, Oikko Health team observed the health care of the employees and showed the correct procedure of using the safety items.

Director of Oikko Health and owner of Wantime, Gazi Touhidur Rahman, conveyed some warning messages to the workers. They inspired and suggested the workers to maintain the safety rules and make sure the safety of their family.


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